Now - Unlimited Conference Calls on our critical business class system for $19/month


Our Competitive Advantage

Global Conference Call VIP Service uses Compunetix Equipment. Compunetix has been designing and manufacturing communications solutions for over 40 years and are industry experts in high-quality audio for every conferencing need. From sensitive and secure calls to emergency alerting systems. Made in the USA, Compunetix has always defined what it means to be 'the best'.

  • Value is achieved when the worth of a service is considerably higher than the cost. Stated simply: "We have tremendous value in our VIP Service and this gives us our competitive advantage.

  • Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Warren Buffet

Who is Compunetix Trusted By?


Use the same conference call equipment approved and used by NASA, DOD, the FAA and many Government Agencies where Mission Critical performance is essential. With 40 years and many millions of dollars in research, engineering, development and production already invested, why not take advantage of our offer to serve your organization?

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